Coming soon… New Blog Launch!

I’m doing it, I’m launching a new blog!

After writing on and off on Reviews by Jo for a while now, I decided to go deeper into the blogging world. To be honest, this involves me being both very excited and very scared, as I know that I really want to take this step, but I am new to this world. I have been reading, researching and reading some more, just to get more into the blogging vibe.

But am I going to survive this? Let’s find out!

coming soon

One month from now, I am launching my new lifestyle blog at I will be writing about travels, books (the main topic of my current blog), food (I am experimenting with recipes, so it’s an interesting journey!), movies and … other random lifestyle things!

That being said, Reviews by Jo will no longer be updated, at least for now. I feel like writing for this blog has helped me figure out what I want and don’t want, and how to structure my new blog. I am quite sad to say goodbye to Reviews by Jo, but I know that it is necessary.

I appreciate greatly every one of you, subscribers to this blog, and I hope I will meet you on Sincerely, Jo soon. Join me on a new adventure! I promise that some of the blog posts I have prepared are really fun. Don’t forget, I’m not giving up on books just yet, so there will be book related posts in the near future!

Thank you for understanding, and see you soon!

Hugs and good wishes,


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Greetings, dear readers of my blog. Since I didn’t post any review in a while, I decided to make an update post, just to let you know that several things are on their way to my blog, and I’m still alive! Things have been a little bit crazy with Easter and university stuff, and I haven’t have the time, energy and patience to sit and write.

  • I’ve been reading like crazy, and if you don’t follow me on goodreads (which you should), what I read lately was Nellie Bly’s Ten days in a mad-house, I shall live by Henry Orenstein(halfway through) – which I absolutely love. I’m also reading Sherlock Holmes stories and my first Sven Hassel book – but I’m taking my time with these two.
  • I intend to read Nellie Bly’s other work and do an author highlight post. What do you think, yay or nay?
  • This weekend I played a very interesting videogame on PS4, Never Alone. It will probably be the first videogame that I write a review on. I want to try and bring new and diverse content on my blog.
  • I shall live by Orenstein will definitely be reviewed here as soon as I finish it. (You guys, read the book…)

These are pretty much all the things I wanted to tell you. Still alive, just have to find the time and inspiration to write 🙂

Any other suggestions or opinions are welcomed, so please leave them in the comments. Excited to invest more time in my blog.
Thanks for reading, hope you have a nice day!