Short film Sunday 31.01

“One Hoops” is a 15 minutes look into the life of Jenny Hill. In this case, I think the description of the video is the perfect explanation of what you are going to see:

Jenny Hill unleashes her imagination on Lancaster with some hula hoops and a little creativity. The final chapter of the Lancaster Trilogy tells the story of Jenny Hill, a circus-style, multi-hoop performer, as we follow her life for 6 months.


She is an interesting character, and it is fascinating how she organizes her life daily and how her perspective on life influences her. I have highly enjoyed this short film, it’s only flaw being that it left me wanting to see more, as I think the character could have been “explored” further.

Enjoy, and have a great Sunday!



Short film Sunday 18/01

Simplicity at its best! – is the phrase that I would attribute to this beautifully shot, honest portrait interview of a man who has been in contact with boats his whole life, one way or another. Now, he’s occupying his time creating – taking inspiration from what he knows best.

Enjoy a glimpse into the life of a man with an interesting story!

Short film Sunday 10/01

The film I picked this week is, in short, a poem set to beautiful music and a beautiful eerie, poetic, inspiring montage. The images drag you into the world they portray and into the emotion of the poem. What better way to enjoy a Sunday evening than being inspired? Enjoy!


Happy New Year, everyone! May 2016 be filled with creativity, travelling, beautiful moments and memories!


Short film Sunday

We have to remind ourselves from time to time not to judge people based on their appearance, but rather on their actions. The short documentary I chose to show you this week is a reminder of just that. But beyond this message, the documentary wonderfully reveals a handful of interesting stories behind the characters presented, all wrapped up into a beautiful montage. The cinematography isn’t bad either! Overall, it’s a short, but enjoyable watch, sprinkled with some emotional moments as well.

Please watch it and tell me what you think in the comment section! I don’t want to analyze it too much so I don’t spoil the viewing, but I would love to talk more about the film with you guys in the comments!



What do you think? Let me know in the comment section below!

Short film Sunday

Sundays, in my opinion, are for relaxing, reading, hanging out with your loved ones and, most importantly, watching movies. Short film Sunday series’ purpose is to suggest a short film you can squeeze into your busy Sunday schedule of doing nothing. 🙂 Basically, they are films I have come across around the Web in the last few years and that I want to share with the rest of you, because they’re just too good to miss.

This Sunday,  we’re watching a very short film about a hotel with a very … strict policy. Not to ruin the fun, I’ll let you find out by yourself what I am talking about.

Hope it brightened your day a little bit! Let me know in the comments what are your opinions on the video. Was it too short? What did you think about the idea? Do you know similar stories?

Have a chill Sunday,