Short film Sunday 31.01

“One Hoops” is a 15 minutes look into the life of Jenny Hill. In this case, I think the description of the video is the perfect explanation of what you are going to see:

Jenny Hill unleashes her imagination on Lancaster with some hula hoops and a little creativity. The final chapter of the Lancaster Trilogy tells the story of Jenny Hill, a circus-style, multi-hoop performer, as we follow her life for 6 months.


She is an interesting character, and it is fascinating how she organizes her life daily and how her perspective on life influences her. I have highly enjoyed this short film, it’s only flaw being that it left me wanting to see more, as I think the character could have been “explored” further.

Enjoy, and have a great Sunday!



Short film Sunday 10/01

The film I picked this week is, in short, a poem set to beautiful music and a beautiful eerie, poetic, inspiring montage. The images drag you into the world they portray and into the emotion of the poem. What better way to enjoy a Sunday evening than being inspired? Enjoy!


Happy New Year, everyone! May 2016 be filled with creativity, travelling, beautiful moments and memories!