List Friday: 10 films with great atmosphere

It’s Friday, which means that probably you’re relieved the week is over. You can finally stay up late, play that video game you’ve been obsessed with lately, order pizza and/or binge watch that show… you know which one!

So, in honor of Friday and relaxing, enjoy this amazing cinematography gathering of movie stills. (These are some of my favorites, in no particular order.)

This post marks the beginning of a new series on my blog: List Friday. Bookish Stuff Friday was fun, but it’s time to talk about more than just books. Do you agree? But don’t worry, there will be enough bookish stuff featured in the new series too!

Let’s get started with this list:

  1. The Ballad of Narayama (Keisuke Kinoshita, 1958)


Fără titlu.png

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