April Book Haul!


Spring is here, and with it a new will to be more active! Despite the very busy schedule, lately I’ve been trying to make more time for personal time, which means I am trying to get back to my books, be open to new adventures, be more active and do sport, but also to sit down and take time to meditate (or at least try). There have been a few changes in my life that I am slowly getting accustomed to.

To get back to the point of this post, April is the month I return to my love for literature. With so many beautiful finds, I am excited for May’s reads and for any new book discoveries I may come across.

Note that I am including both my boyfriend’s and mine- as we share books! 🙂

First of all, we were lucky to have a little time – an hour to be more precise, to wander around the book fair that took place about a week ago in the central square. I found these two beautiful editions of A room with a view and Foe, but I am new to both authors. It appears that most of the books we got this time are by authors we are not familiar with. But that makes it more fun!

IMG_0055At the same fair, my boyfriend choose the Poe collection, since he loves everything design and the cover caught his eye (we probably already have more Poe books than we should), but he also got Solaris at a local bookstore, a classic that he has been meaning to read for a while now. Continue reading “April Book Haul!”


Five Lovely Bookstagrams | bookish stuff friday

Lately I’ve been posting more book photos on my Instagram, but also I’ve been exploring the usual bookish hashtags and the eye-candy book photos. I decided to share with you a list of five bookstagrams I find to be pretty cool. Here they are, in no particular order:

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Bookish Stuff Friday no. 7 – beautiful book collections

When a good book has a beautiful cover, it just makes life better, doesn’t it? And sometimes, good covers can trick us into thinking there must be a good story inside, only to be disappointed. What I am (poorly) trying to explain to you is that book art and book covers are important! Sooo, I decided to show you a few of the book collections I am aware of and that I love. Think of it as a feast for the eyes, so sit back, relax and enjoy this beautiful covers. (Then, depending on your power of restraint, either fight back the feeling, or grab your card and buy some books!)

1. Vintage Murakami

IMG_0062  IMG_0064

I can’t get over how beautiful the cover art for the Murakami books is. Minimal, suggestive, original. Vintage Books know what they’re doing! All their books look pretty awesome. I only own two from the Murakami collection, but that will hopefully change soon. Check the entire collection here.

2. Jane Austen by Penguin Books

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Bookish Stuff Friday no.6 – bookmarks and page markers!

If you are anything like me, you know you have some bookmarks somewhere, but you can never find them nor have time to go get them, so you use anything handy as a bookmark: receipts, coasters, another book, phone, cat… Well, I tried to find some cute and inventive bookmark and page marker designs, that would make you (and me) always want to use them. I hope you enjoy this week’s Bookish Stuff Friday!

Cute Landscape Sticky Page Markers

These sets of page markers are just too cute! It adds a creative touch to reading. Just mark the pages where your favorite quotes are and you end up with a lively, personalised landscape! Win-win.

Sprout Bookmark

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May Book Haul | 2015

I got a random selection of books in June, but they are all books and/or authors that I’ve been meaning to read for a while. No wrap-up this month either, since I haven’t finished any book in June (oops!). I did, on the other hand, started reading The Hobbit, which I enjoy more than I thought I will, and Diary of a Genious by Dali, which is a total blast and fun/funny read! But, back to the book haul, here’s what I got this month book-wise:

The Color Purple by Alice Walker


Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

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