Five Lovely Bookstagrams | bookish stuff friday

Lately I’ve been posting more book photos on my Instagram, but also I’ve been exploring the usual bookish hashtags and the eye-candy book photos. I decided to share with you a list of five bookstagrams I find to be pretty cool. Here they are, in no particular order:

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Bookish Stuff Friday no. 7 – beautiful book collections

When a good book has a beautiful cover, it just makes life better, doesn’t it? And sometimes, good covers can trick us into thinking there must be a good story inside, only to be disappointed. What I am (poorly) trying to explain to you is that book art and book covers are important! Sooo, I decided to show you a few of the book collections I am aware of and that I love. Think of it as a feast for the eyes, so sit back, relax and enjoy this beautiful covers. (Then, depending on your power of restraint, either fight back the feeling, or grab your card and buy some books!)

1. Vintage Murakami

IMG_0062  IMG_0064

I can’t get over how beautiful the cover art for the Murakami books is. Minimal, suggestive, original. Vintage Books know what they’re doing! All their books look pretty awesome. I only own two from the Murakami collection, but that will hopefully change soon. Check the entire collection here.

2. Jane Austen by Penguin Books

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Bookish Stuff Friday no.6 – bookmarks and page markers!

If you are anything like me, you know you have some bookmarks somewhere, but you can never find them nor have time to go get them, so you use anything handy as a bookmark: receipts, coasters, another book, phone, cat… Well, I tried to find some cute and inventive bookmark and page marker designs, that would make you (and me) always want to use them. I hope you enjoy this week’s Bookish Stuff Friday!

Cute Landscape Sticky Page Markers

These sets of page markers are just too cute! It adds a creative touch to reading. Just mark the pages where your favorite quotes are and you end up with a lively, personalised landscape! Win-win.

Sprout Bookmark

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Bookish Stuff Friday no.5 – posters & prints!

Relax, make yourself a refreshing glass of lemonade and enjoy the posters I picked for you on this nice Friday! Make sure to check out the sites/shops of the products I list below, as they all have great merch!

First up, there’s this cool Read More Books poster from Gibbs Smith

Then, this cute Lost In A Book Print

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Bookish Stuff Friday no.4 – booktube love

In light of the recent discussions on Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms – which you can find more about in Samantha’s (Thoughts on Tomes) video – I decided to share with you some of my favorite booktubers. I admire their work, and, to be honest, one of my wishes was to make videos on YT, but I found that the blogging platform is better suited for me, at the moment. I love both reading book blogs and watching booktube videos, and I believe that both require a considerable amount of work and dedication. That being said, I stand for supporting both these communities, since they each have different special content to give us.

In no particular order, here are some of my favorite booktubers:

Lesley from WordsofaReader


Raeleen from padfootandprongs07

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