List Friday: podcasts = love

I can’t clearly remember when I discover the wonderful world of podcasts, but it has been a few years, and I can say that I have tried a bunch, before finding my favorite, close to heart list of podcasts.

Some are well-known, discussing historic or society topics, while others – you will discover – are just pure entertainment, for the time in the week when you just want to have a funny, feel-good audio background to your everyday chores.

Of course, podcasts are perfect for travelling, either to work, school, or on longer journeys. I don’t know how I would have survived on my (long) trip to Cambodia without a few episodes that I downloaded for offline listening.

Let me know what do you think of these podcasts and which are your favorites! Also, what app/s do you use for listening to podcasts and when do you enjoy them – in the morning, maybe in the afternoon, relaxing, or before bed?

  • Filler is a UK based podcast, the creative child of Harry Hitchens and Matt Shore. Weekly, they have discussions with bright, innovative, creative people, from YouTube personalities, to filmmakers. This is the podcast to listen if you are in need of a dose of inspiration. The conversations are genuine, overall beautiful and they have succeeded in creating a warmth around the episodes that makes the listener feel part of the conversation!

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Short film Sunday 18/01

Simplicity at its best! – is the phrase that I would attribute to this beautifully shot, honest portrait interview of a man who has been in contact with boats his whole life, one way or another. Now, he’s occupying his time creating – taking inspiration from what he knows best.

Enjoy a glimpse into the life of a man with an interesting story!

Tilda the adventurous cat. Part 1 – Her story

Probably the goofiest and most adventurous member of our family is our cat, Tilda. It only seemed right for her to have an Instagram account.

But let me tell you her story first.

Shy, yet playful, on her first days home.

A work colleague of my boyfriend found a small crying ball of fur right outside their workplace, and brought her into the office. My boyfriend was the only cat lover and instantly bonded with her. She was helpless, but when she saw a tall guy reaching down to her level (literally sitting on the ground) and inviting her to play, she knew she found her playmate.

Cats make great work companions!

I was downtown, on my way home, when I received a call from my boyfriend telling me that he has a kitten sleeping in his lap while he’s working and he can’t leave, and asking me to go to his office and bring the cat some food. For some reason, me, dog lover to the core, wandered around, trying to find a bus, then a store, and then stand in front of a cat food stand looking puzzled. Long story short, he brought the kitten down for me to see, I was afraid to hold her – she was so tiny and frail, he fed her and took care of her the rest of the day. Once finished his work, I went back, we went to the nearby houses like a pair of crazies asking everyone if they haven’t lost a cat, but everybody looked at us weirdly and said no. In our city, especially in the last few years, there are a lot of stray cats, so cats wandering around are not a rare sight. Anyway, we thought it was our duty to search for her potential owner, although she was dirty and probably just abandoned by her mother.

We didn’t know she will stay with us, so I made her a cardboard box bed which she loved!

The vet told us she was a little bit younger than two months old. She had no fleas, but he gave her all the vaccines needed for her age. After an adventurous bath, she was as good as new and very playful. Continue reading “Tilda the adventurous cat. Part 1 – Her story”

Short film Sunday 10/01

The film I picked this week is, in short, a poem set to beautiful music and a beautiful eerie, poetic, inspiring montage. The images drag you into the world they portray and into the emotion of the poem. What better way to enjoy a Sunday evening than being inspired? Enjoy!


Happy New Year, everyone! May 2016 be filled with creativity, travelling, beautiful moments and memories!


Short film Sunday

We have to remind ourselves from time to time not to judge people based on their appearance, but rather on their actions. The short documentary I chose to show you this week is a reminder of just that. But beyond this message, the documentary wonderfully reveals a handful of interesting stories behind the characters presented, all wrapped up into a beautiful montage. The cinematography isn’t bad either! Overall, it’s a short, but enjoyable watch, sprinkled with some emotional moments as well.

Please watch it and tell me what you think in the comment section! I don’t want to analyze it too much so I don’t spoil the viewing, but I would love to talk more about the film with you guys in the comments!



What do you think? Let me know in the comment section below!