List Friday: podcasts = love

I can’t clearly remember when I discover the wonderful world of podcasts, but it has been a few years, and I can say that I have tried a bunch, before finding my favorite, close to heart list of podcasts.

Some are well-known, discussing historic or society topics, while others – you will discover – are just pure entertainment, for the time in the week when you just want to have a funny, feel-good audio background to your everyday chores.

Of course, podcasts are perfect for travelling, either to work, school, or on longer journeys. I don’t know how I would have survived on my (long) trip to Cambodia without a few episodes that I downloaded for offline listening.

Let me know what do you think of these podcasts and which are your favorites! Also, what app/s do you use for listening to podcasts and when do you enjoy them – in the morning, maybe in the afternoon, relaxing, or before bed?

  • Filler is a UK based podcast, the creative child of Harry Hitchens and Matt Shore. Weekly, they have discussions with bright, innovative, creative people, from YouTube personalities, to filmmakers. This is the podcast to listen if you are in need of a dose of inspiration. The conversations are genuine, overall beautiful and they have succeeded in creating a warmth around the episodes that makes the listener feel part of the conversation!


  • Ear Biscuits was created by the famous, highly creative, goofy YouTube comedians, Rhett and Link! I personally enjoy their daily show, Good Mythical Morning, and have absolutely loved their podcast, aimed at interviewing different youtubers (but not only), but going deep into their personal life. The two have a quality of making their guests talk during the episode like one would at a psychology session. It is insightful, but also very entertaining, and I often find myself laughing while listening to their podcast. It’s been one of my first podcasts I discovered and I swear by it!


  • Not Too Deep is Grace Helbig’s response to Ear Biscuits! Her podcast, as the title suggests, comprises funny, “superficial” talks with a bunch of guests. She usually asks random questions on the weird side of things. It is very entertaining, and, in its own way, it unveils a lot about the ones interviewed, without discussing in-depth serious concepts.


  • Star Talk is the famous podcast hosted by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, which includes discussions with comedians and celebrities, about all things science. Personally, I find some of the episodes interesting, by tackling fascinating subjects, but I don’t follow it constantly. If I am tired, I won’t be able to enjoy it so much as when I am relaxed and can focus. It’s worth it, nonetheless!


  • The Sourcefed Podcast is a one hour long, fun, random, all over the place show, in which the hosts of the popular YT channel (SourceFed) talk about anything that passes through their mind. Be advised, they are weird, gross, inappropriate, and awesome at the same time! If you are not familiar with their personalities and their content, you may miss a few inside jokes, though. Being a fan of their YT show, Table Talk, I was very excited when they decided to do a weekly podcast, as it is the perfect way to unwind after a hard day. Listening to silliness cheers me up!
  • She Didn’t Text Back Podcast is co-hosted by William Haynes and Daren VonGirdner, both part of the above mentioned SourceFed team. They are housemates, best friends, and colleagues. They usually talk about what is going on in their lives, but transforming it into entertainment, and also tackling bigger subjects. Their discussions are highly enjoyable, and the joy I felt for Will when he met some of his favorite people on the Earth must be a result of his ability to tell a story, and Daren’s genuine happiness for his friend.


  • KLRX radio is a podcast I have recently discovered, but I enjoy it because their content is structured in short episodes that discuss different books, each episode with another guest, usually an actor, musician or other celebrity. It is an enjoyable podcast, especially for book lovers.



Don’t forget to share your favorites in the comment section below, and if you enjoyed this post, please share it on Twitter, Facebook or you preferred social media.

Hugs and good wishes,




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