Tilda the adventurous cat. Part 1 – Her story

Probably the goofiest and most adventurous member of our family is our cat, Tilda. It only seemed right for her to have an Instagram account.

But let me tell you her story first.

Shy, yet playful, on her first days home.

A work colleague of my boyfriend found a small crying ball of fur right outside their workplace, and brought her into the office. My boyfriend was the only cat lover and instantly bonded with her. She was helpless, but when she saw a tall guy reaching down to her level (literally sitting on the ground) and inviting her to play, she knew she found her playmate.

Cats make great work companions!

I was downtown, on my way home, when I received a call from my boyfriend telling me that he has a kitten sleeping in his lap while he’s working and he can’t leave, and asking me to go to his office and bring the cat some food. For some reason, me, dog lover to the core, wandered around, trying to find a bus, then a store, and then stand in front of a cat food stand looking puzzled. Long story short, he brought the kitten down for me to see, I was afraid to hold her – she was so tiny and frail, he fed her and took care of her the rest of the day. Once finished his work, I went back, we went to the nearby houses like a pair of crazies asking everyone if they haven’t lost a cat, but everybody looked at us weirdly and said no. In our city, especially in the last few years, there are a lot of stray cats, so cats wandering around are not a rare sight. Anyway, we thought it was our duty to search for her potential owner, although she was dirty and probably just abandoned by her mother.

We didn’t know she will stay with us, so I made her a cardboard box bed which she loved!

The vet told us she was a little bit younger than two months old. She had no fleas, but he gave her all the vaccines needed for her age. After an adventurous bath, she was as good as new and very playful.

Getting used to being an indoor cat.

She looked more like a bat, than a cat! She had large ears, a lot of whiskers and eyebrows sticking out, and long white hairs spread through her black fur.


EDIT: Here is a video of her first few days at home!


She stayed with me and my folks for a few months. We were supposed to find her a forever home, as we weren’t planning on owning a cat. But she warmed up to all of us pretty quickly and we couldn’t let her go (ok, it was mostly me, but I’m sure all of them liked her already!).

My mom and Tilda, bonding.

After a while, my boyfriend and I moved in together and since then, we’re three crazies trying to make life interesting.

A human’s shoulder is the best transportation method, especially on the first adventure to the park!

She eventually grew into her ears, the fluff behind them disappeared, as well as the white hairs. Her eyes also changed colors, from green to yellow/amber. What remains consistent is her playful, daring and sometimes fierce personality. Her being alone on the streets definitely influenced her braveness. At the same time, she is very dependent on us, and has FOMO (fear of missing out). Morning cuddles are a must!

-to be continued –

Do you have pets? What’s their story or how did they influence your life?




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