August Book Haul!

Hello guys! I’m back from my vacation (which you’ll read about soon) and ready to show you what I bought in the last month of summer (buhuu). I did spend quite some time with my boyfriend in a bookstore in our hometown, but when we arrived in Milan (spoiler alert), we probably spend hours and hours at Feltrinelli (a big bookstore chain in Italy) and other independent bookshops. Therefore, here are all the book I bought on our bookish adventures! P.S.: I sorted them after publisher house, series, or language, so it will be easier to talk about them.

Books I bought at home

J.R.R. Tolkien books. I recently read The Hobbit, so of course I have to keep going discovering the wonderful universe created by Tolkien. I received The Silmarillion from my BF (awesome random gift! #relationshipgoals), but The Fellowship of the Ring I bought myself. I decided that late autumn would be the perfect time to read these books, for some reason, so I’m saving them for that time of the year.


IMG_0110IMG_0111Signet Classics. My boyfriend and I love the Signet Classics we recently discovered existed! Lately, we’ve been buying more books from them. This month, I bought The Decameron, which I’ve been meaning to get into for a while, and Crime and Punishment, which I read a few years back, but would want to re-read, now that I’m older (and grown up? -maybe). Their covers are simple, but so nice, and the price is really affordable for a couple of crazies who can’t stop buying books and stationary.

Books I bought in Italy (Milan)

Art-related books. We visited a lot of museums and collections in Milan, but the most beautiful was The Brera Gallery (also known as Pinacoteca di Brera). We got a book about the Gallery itself, so we would explore its history a little bit more, and I also got a little book about Hayez, since he is an artist I don’t know anything about.  I also got a beautiful bookmark which depicts a close-up of the famous Hayez painting, The Kiss.


Penguin books. At Feltrinelli I bought Alice Adventures in Wonderland, to add to the beautiful Penguin English Library Editions I already own (featured here).

The photo session was going well, until Tilda cat decided to interrupt. She’s such a camera lovers, you can’t stop her!


Still by Penguin, I got Nick Hornby’s A Long Way Down. It’s my first book by Hornby. If you follow my Instagram or Goodreads, you know that I read this book in three days and loved it! (spoiler alert: a review is coming soon, so stay tuned!)


Collins Classics. I saw the movie Twelve Years a Slave, I liked it, but I am curious to read the book.


A beautiful Vintage book. I almost bought J from BookDepository a few months ago, but then decided not to, since I was short on money. Now, as soon as I saw it, I decided to get it. P.S.: the Vintage books are so beautiful!


Books in Italian. These two book have nothing in common, except they’re both in Italian. La Schimia di Hartlepool I got because I loved the cover and the style. Poesia in forma di Rosa caught my eye because I didn’t know Pasolini wrote poetry, and thought I would love to read it.IMG_0095

These are all the books I got in August. For now, I am planning on not buying any more books. My TBR list is long enough, I don’t have that much space left on my bookshelves, and I spent enough money on books this year. Probably I won’t be doing a Book Haul post for a while, but there will be reviews and Wrap Ups, and other (hopefully) interesting posts I am working on.

Questions for you: What books did you get this month? Do you ever feel like you have enough books for the time being, or do you think there is no such thing as too many books?


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