Yes Please by Amy Poehler | book review

  • Title: Yes Please
  • Published: 2014
  • Author: Amy Poehler
  • Original language: English
  • Genre: Non-Fiction, Autobiography, Humor

Yes Please is a fun, funny, smart autobiography about the personal and professional life of Amy Poehler. You might know her from Saturday Night Live, Parks and Rec or, why not, as the mom from Mean Girls (hehe). The point is, she is a famous comedienne and actress, who wrote a lovely book about herself.

I watched a few episodes of Parks and Rec and checked out a few SNL sketches, but I knew basically nothing about Amy Poehler when I started this book. I’m going to be honest and say that the first thing that grabbed my attention was the book cover: simple, eye-catching colors and a short, to the point title. Speaking of, the title is a phrase that Poeher explains she likes to use in her personal life, because it “sounds powerful and concise”(in her words).  I think it’s an awesome and intriguing choice for an autobiography title.

The book is organized in three main parts, each of them including several sub-chapters. Poehler’s book is not only an autobiography, but also a source of advice and wise words to live by. The chapters and entitled “Say Whatever You Like”, “Do Whatever You Like” , and “Be Whoever You Are”. If that’s not a good way to engage the reader, than I don’t know what is! The illustrations and photos of past Amy and friends are also something I find to be an important aspect of the book’s feel. I loved looking at the pictures, they were great additions to the words. It made me experience that weird feeling people get when “spying” on another human being’s private life and thoughts.

The book doesn’t strictly follow the real life timeline, but rather jumps from one event or situation to the other, making correlations or comparisons between them. This helps with grabbing and keeping the attention of the reader, because the information is gradually revealed. The introspective, informal, self-analyzing style of Amy Poehler makes the book feel like a conversation or at least a one-to-one confession. You, as the reader, are given the impression that the book was written for you and you only. Good job, Amy and Amy’s editors! She tells us about both personal life, such as growing up, her kids, her divorce, but also about her professional life, how she got into improv, how she became part of SNL and about her acting experience. But the two aspects are analyzed together, as she had to balance the two throughout her career and her motherhood.

The subject of the book was something I knew little about, and the discussed aspects weren’t something I was familiar with. Because of this, the book was more interesting to me, and also eye-opening. I would say that this is a book that would be enjoyed especially by someone who wants to work in the entertainment industry, in front of the camera, but also by curious folks who want to know more about balancing such an amazing job with personal life. It’s a fun book, with a lot of humor, something to brighten up your day for sure!

My rating: ★★★★/5

Have you read Amy Poehler’s book or are you familiar with her work?

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