Bookish Stuff Friday no.6 – bookmarks and page markers!

If you are anything like me, you know you have some bookmarks somewhere, but you can never find them nor have time to go get them, so you use anything handy as a bookmark: receipts, coasters, another book, phone, cat… Well, I tried to find some cute and inventive bookmark and page marker designs, that would make you (and me) always want to use them. I hope you enjoy this week’s Bookish Stuff Friday!

Cute Landscape Sticky Page Markers

These sets of page markers are just too cute! It adds a creative touch to reading. Just mark the pages where your favorite quotes are and you end up with a lively, personalised landscape! Win-win.

Sprout Bookmark

Nature and books. The perfect combination!

Whale Bookmark

Simple, yet beautiful.

Grass Sticky Notes

It’s summer. Let it be summer in your books too. Again, nature and books can never go wrong.

Cute Fox Bookmarks (free printables!)

Check out these awesome fox bookmarks! The creator was kind enough to make them available for free for anyone who wants to print and make their own! You can find more info and instructions by clicking the link.


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