Bookish Stuff Friday – This week: bookish links

This week on Bookish Stuff Friday I will list a few links that you might find interesting to check out. I certainly do!

Let’s get started:Fără titlu

1. Libib is a great way to keep track of your books (and not only). You simply scan the barcode or put in the ISBN and your books are all in one place. You can also make different collections, like “favorite books” or “to read”. If you join/ already have an account, you can find me here.

sddsadsa2. Hellopoetry is the place to find poems! You can find poems by several different users or you can check out the classics. I simply love checking it out from time to time and read some poetry. It’s good for the soul haha.

3. Readership. I think their description says it all:

Readership is a digital book publisher controlled by readers. It was created out of a ddsfsdesire to see more publishers embedding themselves in online culture. We’ve seen what communities across the digital world can achieve – particularly when they’re passionate about something – so we’ve created a space that embraces that passion and gives readers the ultimate say in what gets published.

It’s a rather new platform, so of course there is still place for improvements, but it’s definitely something worth checking out. After all, its success is based on the readers and the writers, it has to be a place of interaction.


4. I’veReadThat is a site where you interact with other readers, organize books in collections and also find new reads! Another awesome thing about them is that they host giveaways on their twitter profile and you can win some awesome bookish tote bags!

That’s it for this week’s Bookish Stuff Friday. Check this sites out and let me know your opinion in the comments. Or maybe you know them already and have some extra examples of similar sites and you want to share them with us!

Have a great day,



One thought on “Bookish Stuff Friday – This week: bookish links

  1. Thanks for sharing those links. I use Collecterz to keep track of my books. It’s not a social network but just an application for personal use.


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