Bookish Stuff Friday

Let me introduce you to a new segment on my blog, Bookish Stuff Friday. Basically, every week I will show you some awesome book-related things I found on the Internet (or not!). Videos, sites, images, bookshops… Anything.

I hope you enjoy these posts! Here’s the first one:

1. Book cover changes color when touched!

This is such a genuine idea! You can find more info here. Watch the video, it sums up everything you need to know about this.

2. Mike Stilkey’s painted book sculptures

More info here.

3. Weapons of mass instruction

How cool is this?! I want to do this!

More info here.

4. Cute literary tote bags

Gibbs Smith has a cute collection of tote bags with literary disigns. The one above you can buy here. You can find some of their stuff on BookDepository too.

5.Puffin Chalk collection

The Puffin Chalk collection is so beautiful! Someday…someday! Buy it here.

Okay guys, this is it for this week’s bookish awesomeness! Hope you like it and keep your eye out for next week!

As a side note… I am busy this month and will be until the start of July, because it’s my final year of university and I have to prepare my thesis. I haven’t told you about this before, but I have to prepare a short film (documentary in my case) and a paper to accompany it, plus semester assignments and the final exam. I am scheduling some reviews and posts in advance, but I feel like I will only have the time and effort to properly take care of the blog once I am done with all this university stuff. Wish me luck! 🙂


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