Bookshelf tour

Yesterday I took all my books out from the bookshelves, laid them on the floor, and re-arrange them in some sort of order. I thought it would be fun to take some photos of the result and share them with you.

I have two main bookshelves in the living area, where I keep most of my books. I have another smaller one in the other room, but that is mostly for University books and other papers, notebooks etc. So this post will focus on the two main ones.


This small bookshelf is where I keep my TBR books, as well as the cinema and art books. Also, I managed to left the first shelf almost empty, ready for new books (my b-day is next month wink wink). It’s also the place for my Little Black Classics collection for now.On the bottom shelf (last picture on the right) I keep my favorite books and some games, and my vinyl collection.


Ok, now, to the other bookshelf.


On the top shelf are my poetry and theatre books, as well as some random mixed ones. Then, on the middle one I sorted my hardcover books, Romanian authors, books about tea and Gone with the Wind collection (I just couldn’t find another place for them). Comic books, graphic novels, Penguin books and books in Italian are on the bottom shelf.

collage-2015-04-22 (1)
A closer look at the shelves.

There are a couple of shelves right at bottom where I keep books I didn’t enjoy as much, the National Geographic travel guides (not seen), and some other games and random stuff:


Hoped you enjoyed this mini-tour.

I also updated my Libib account with all the physical books I own. You can find the list here. Don’t forget that you can see what I am currently reading, as well as the books I read on Goodreads, by clicking here. Annnd, if we’re talking about social media, you can check out my tumblr blog for anything bookish and movie related.

Ok, ok, I’m done with self promotion haha. Have a nice day everyone! And feel free to share any photos of your bookshelves!

BONUS cat picture:

Tilda looking at bird outside.
Tilda looking at birds outside.



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