Greetings, dear readers of my blog. Since I didn’t post any review in a while, I decided to make an update post, just to let you know that several things are on their way to my blog, and I’m still alive! Things have been a little bit crazy with Easter and university stuff, and I haven’t have the time, energy and patience to sit and write.

  • I’ve been reading like crazy, and if you don’t follow me on goodreads (which you should), what I read lately was Nellie Bly’s Ten days in a mad-house, I shall live by Henry Orenstein(halfway through) – which I absolutely love. I’m also reading Sherlock Holmes stories and my first Sven Hassel book – but I’m taking my time with these two.
  • I intend to read Nellie Bly’s other work and do an author highlight post. What do you think, yay or nay?
  • This weekend I played a very interesting videogame on PS4, Never Alone. It will probably be the first videogame that I write a review on. I want to try and bring new and diverse content on my blog.
  • I shall live by Orenstein will definitely be reviewed here as soon as I finish it. (You guys, read the book…)

These are pretty much all the things I wanted to tell you. Still alive, just have to find the time and inspiration to write 🙂

Any other suggestions or opinions are welcomed, so please leave them in the comments. Excited to invest more time in my blog.
Thanks for reading, hope you have a nice day!



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