Coming soon… New Blog Launch!

I’m doing it, I’m launching a new blog!

After writing on and off on Reviews by Jo for a while now, I decided to go deeper into the blogging world. To be honest, this involves me being both very excited and very scared, as I know that I really want to take this step, but I am new to this world. I have been reading, researching and reading some more, just to get more into the blogging vibe.

But am I going to survive this? Let’s find out!

coming soon

One month from now, I am launching my new lifestyle blog at I will be writing about travels, books (the main topic of my current blog), food (I am experimenting with recipes, so it’s an interesting journey!), movies and … other random lifestyle things!

That being said, Reviews by Jo will no longer be updated, at least for now. I feel like writing for this blog has helped me figure out what I want and don’t want, and how to structure my new blog. I am quite sad to say goodbye to Reviews by Jo, but I know that it is necessary.

I appreciate greatly every one of you, subscribers to this blog, and I hope I will meet you on Sincerely, Jo soon. Join me on a new adventure! I promise that some of the blog posts I have prepared are really fun. Don’t forget, I’m not giving up on books just yet, so there will be book related posts in the near future!

Thank you for understanding, and see you soon!

Hugs and good wishes,


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April Book Haul!


Spring is here, and with it a new will to be more active! Despite the very busy schedule, lately I’ve been trying to make more time for personal time, which means I am trying to get back to my books, be open to new adventures, be more active and do sport, but also to sit down and take time to meditate (or at least try). There have been a few changes in my life that I am slowly getting accustomed to.

To get back to the point of this post, April is the month I return to my love for literature. With so many beautiful finds, I am excited for May’s reads and for any new book discoveries I may come across.

Note that I am including both my boyfriend’s and mine- as we share books! 🙂

First of all, we were lucky to have a little time – an hour to be more precise, to wander around the book fair that took place about a week ago in the central square. I found these two beautiful editions of A room with a view and Foe, but I am new to both authors. It appears that most of the books we got this time are by authors we are not familiar with. But that makes it more fun!

IMG_0055At the same fair, my boyfriend choose the Poe collection, since he loves everything design and the cover caught his eye (we probably already have more Poe books than we should), but he also got Solaris at a local bookstore, a classic that he has been meaning to read for a while now. Continue reading “April Book Haul!”

List Friday: The 10 Best Documentaries of 2015

This article was entirely written by me and originally posted on Taste of Cinema, in January 2016. It is the result of the public feedback to the films, and a hint of personal preferences.

After a year full of so many documentaries about compelling topics, it is difficult to compile a list of the ten best documentaries of 2015, but there are certainly a few that stood out. While many of the films were biographical films of well-known personalities, there were also a few that succeeded in bringing forward powerful stories of ordinary people.

The power of documentary film is that of exploring situations and lifestories usually unavailable to the general public, a fact that has popularized documentary film more and more, year after year. What drives us towards documentaries is curiosity, borne from our thirst for knowledge, an immortal trait of humankind. The films on this list did the best job in provoking the viewers’ voyeuristic disposition.

10.Finders Keepers (Bryan Carberry, Clay Tweel)

Finders Keepers

This is a highly entertaining film about what appears to be an ordinary American reality TV subject. Shannon Whisnant, amateur entrepreneur as he calls himself, buys a storage locker in which he finds a human foot, hidden in a grill. In his attempt to gain fame over this finding, the authorities intervene and they find the owner of the storage space, and the leg, John Wood.

The film is a tragicomedy exploring the life beyond the absurd debate of who is the proper owner of the foot. The foot becomes an obsession, and the film interestingly documents its importance to the parties involved. John Wood’s family is interviewed, revealing the history of hardships the family has had to face. Continue reading “List Friday: The 10 Best Documentaries of 2015”

Short film Sunday 31.01

“One Hoops” is a 15 minutes look into the life of Jenny Hill. In this case, I think the description of the video is the perfect explanation of what you are going to see:

Jenny Hill unleashes her imagination on Lancaster with some hula hoops and a little creativity. The final chapter of the Lancaster Trilogy tells the story of Jenny Hill, a circus-style, multi-hoop performer, as we follow her life for 6 months.


She is an interesting character, and it is fascinating how she organizes her life daily and how her perspective on life influences her. I have highly enjoyed this short film, it’s only flaw being that it left me wanting to see more, as I think the character could have been “explored” further.

Enjoy, and have a great Sunday!